SEPTEMBER 11, 2018


Two weeks ago I took a break and headed to see babe of mine in Portland, Oregon. While being removed from the confines of my beloved New York, I learned some pretty dope shit about myself and thought it would only be fair to share the wisdom.

So here are 8 bits and bobs that I hope inspire you when life gets a little nuts:  

  1. Portland officially has more brown people in it now than 3 years ago. Can I prove this statistically? I won’t even try. This is an empirical truth based on what I saw this time round vs. three years ago. This is important. It’s nice to see a young, thriving city with some real DIVERSITY. Calling all brown people who are considering a change of scenery, this could be for you. I know this isn’t exactly wisdom but I felt it was necessary.

  2. NYC, and any other metropolitan city like it for that matter, is one big fucking BUBBLE. Yes, sorry to burst it, but it’s true. All the little shit that you think matters here, all the daily stress and crap, doesn’t really resonate anywhere else lol. Take a step back, zoom out into the macro-cosm and ask yourself, is it worth it?

  3. Switching off, whatever that looks like for you (social media break, phone break, hiding away) is healthy. And sometimes you need to leave the city to do it.

  4. A break inspires creativity. This is a fact. Nothing like new inspiration from meeting new peoples, trying new things and getting outside of your comfort zone. I did a hip hop class at the Nike campus and felt super shy going into it but walked away feeling proud for trying something new. Cheesy but true.

  5. Nature is major key. I never thought I’d see the day where I be dying to be in the great outdoors but here I am. I finally understand that hiking is basically meditation. Three hours of this and I practically felt brand new.

  6. Travelling with bae allowed us to open up to each other more and have conversations that are sometimes hard to have at home.  

  7. Never stop expanding your network. You never know who you will meet and where and how that connection might one day help you. The world is small people.

  8. The best part about leaving NYC, is returning (I stole this from someone but can’t really remember who, shouts out to you anyway).