Blue Box, New York, Audrey Hepburn… need I say more? You get the gist. I write the copy for all of Tiffany’s global social media channels: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Snapchat and Instagram Stories. As part of a larger digital team, I contribute to creating content strategy to integrate brand campaigns into the monthly social calendar. 

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Concepted and wrote copy for UGC social campaign.

this is tiffany: spring/summer 2017 

Article for Tiffany's latest print magazine.


When it comes to diamonds, one is enough—said no one ever. And when it comes to earrings, the idea is to be noticed. Being worn near the face, and illuminating it perfectly, is the role that Tiffany diamond solitaire earrings have been playing since they came into existence. You can thank Tiffany & Co. for bringing diamonds to America in 1848. And ever since their first sale on June 15, 1853, Tiffany’s solitaire diamond studs have received accolades for one very important thing: their pure and simple beauty. Held proudly by four platinum prongs, these are not just any ordinary adornment. They are an alluring beacon of strength and refinement. There is a certain genius to the extraordinary workmanship that goes into crafting Tiffany diamonds, and even more so when it comes to translating that beauty into an everyday staple. Donned by polished college girls of the 1950s —adding a touch of sparkle to cashmere sweater sets and pleated skirts—diamond stud earrings became the ultimate jewelry box must-have. This wave boomed in the ’90s alongside the rise of the independent, power-suited working woman who decided that she no longer needed to wait for a diamond to meet her left hand if she wanted a little sparkle in her life. Instead, she could pat herself on the back and put on her Tiffany solitaire diamond earrings, which discreetly telegraphed luxury and served as a daily “well done to me” reminder. Today, they are simply iconic, beautiful for every woman and every day. There is something remarkable about honing your style down to one—or, in this case, two—exceptionally well-chosen items. It speaks volumes about confidence, power and a unique ability to recognize something eternally chic. After all, everyone deserves a little perfection in their lives.


Tiffany.com Sustainability Redesign 2016

I condensed a 300-page Sustainability Report into THIS


Holiday Campaign 2015

IG: The Tiffany guide to getting just what you want this year:
1. Head to Tiffany.com.
2. Find the design of your dreams.
3. Click the Drop A Hint icon and fill in your info.
4. We’ll send your loved ones a little nudge

TW: #DropAHint to be sure to see a Blue Box under the tree this year: 

IG: She finds inspiration wherever she goes, and her bold, creative spirit draws people into her world. You'll catch her on the weekend pouring over glossy fashion magazines in a West Village coffee shop before she hits the boutiques. Our Modernist gift guide is full of sleek, stylish designs that will make her holiday shine. It's time to shop.

TW: Find gifts for the loved one who always inspires you with her creative spirit.


IG: He can really can be the pilot of his own travels. These sterling silver cuff links were made to complement his tailored looks whether he is travelling for work or joining you for a holiday party.


IG: For those who prefer to put their unique stamp on things: this 18k gold money clip was inspired by a design originally presented to composer Meredith Wilson in 1957. The Out of Retirement™ collection is now available at @doverstreetmarketlondon.


TW: Marry someone who gives you the same feeling you get when it’s Friday. 
TW: The only thing blue about Monday should be a Tiffany box. 
TW: Friday feels like receiving a Tiffany Blue Box.


Valentine’s Day 2016

IG: Love is... #ReturnToTiffany. This heart tag bangle is a subtle yet elegant reminder that home is where the heart is.


IG: Love is... #TiffanyAtlas. You can always count on these rings to make her smile.


IG: Love is…finding the perfect match. #LoveisTiffany #WeddingWednesdays


130th Anniversary of The Tiffany® Setting February 2016

Concepted and wrote the FB canvas unit for the 130th anniversary of the world’s most iconic engagement ring, the Tiffany® Setting. 


Blue Book April 2016

We celebrate the exquisite beauty and superlative brilliance of Tiffany diamonds every day of the year, but we’re especially excited to welcome April knowing that #diamonds are this month’s #birthstone.


FB: Inspired by 1960s sketches from the Tiffany Archives, the curves and swirls of the fern are reimagined in a wild profusion of gemstones.


IG: The elements truly come to life in this fiery ring. With an extraordinary 10.14 carat unenhanced pink sapphire sparkling at its center, this magnificent creation is a captivating treasure.


TW: Reflecting nature's unfathomable spectrum, tourmaline holds within it an entire universe of color.

Tiffany T

Concepted and wrote the FB canvas unit for the Tiffany T collection for SS16.


Return to Tiffany® Love August 2016

IG: At Tiffany, when we love something—really love something—we can’t help but open our hearts fully. That’s why it’s always #LoveNotLike. Return to Tiffany®. Return to love.


IG: Meet Fernanda Ly @warukatta, our favorite pink-haired world traveler. A true lover of hearts, Fernanda wears hers on her sleeve with our new #ReturnToTiffany Love cuff and sterling silver #ReturnToTiffany Love lock bracelet.


Three hearts are better than one. At Tiffany, it's always all about the love. Imaan Hammam @imaanhammam is wearing the new #ReturnToTiffany Love collection. 


IG: Leave "like" behind with new designs from #ReturnToTiffany Love. 

Fall Legendary Style September 2016 

Some style is legendary. @lupitanyongo is an empowered woman whose jewelry is an expression of her confidence. Lupita is wearing our #TiffanyT square cuff in 18k gold.


Some style is legendary. With a cool, calm and collected attitude @nataliewestling is a firm believer in finding your own path. Natalie is wearing our new #TiffanyT Two rings, radiant with dazzling diamonds.


Some style is legendary. @ellefanning is a Hollywood star who dreams without limits. Elle is wearing our #TiffanyKeys kaleidoscope key pendant with diamonds.


Some style is legendary. An icon in her own right, @cturlington is a strong woman who finds beauty in simplicity. Christy is wearing Elsa Peretti® Diamonds by the Yard®.

Text-Only Strategy

Concepted enticing text-only content to surprise and delight the audience and remind them of Tiffany’s witty and charming tone of voice.





A dope ass retractable lint roller that is designed to keep up with you and your day. With my Instagram-eye, I have been working on creating images for the brand’s Instagram channel.





A brick mortar’s luxury department store in London with a beautifully re-designed e-comm site. Think: Ab Fab! As a digital copywriter here, I crafted editorial style notes for product pages.